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Project Description
TomCdc is a solution which makes tracking of sql databse changes easy. Quick and simple installation process allows to start using the solution in just a few minutes. It supports all versions of Microsoft Sql server.
You'll no longer have to write triggers manually to find out what process is changing data in a table.

TomCdc is designed to capture insert, update and delete activity applied to SQL Server tables along with rich context information like user name, host name, application name and activity date.
Provided Manager Application makes configuration process very easy, while Viewer Application facilitates viewing of all changes applied to tracked table records.

Checkout the video presenting installation and configuration steps or download it from TomCdcPresentation.wmv

  • support for all versions of MS SQL from 2000 up
  • captured changes can be stored in separate databse
  • track Inserts, Updates, Deletes by user, machine, date, application and more
  • trigger managment application with easy interface
  • changed data viewer helps identify modified data fields
  • 'Tracked Database Tables' panel in TomCdc Manager shows which tables and fields are currently tracked
  • only changed data is stored which significantly saves disk space
  • modular architecture guarantees lightweight capturing trigger and best possible performance



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